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RO penpals

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Thursday, January 6th, 2011
5:32 pm - Portal MMORPG Games

Founded in the coolest network portal for mmo games, so he http://mmorpg.com.ua/ B differs from other similar pile - a large number of videos, a huge catalog of games and database software for online toys. Just do not count them as spam) if you have something interesting - pishim in a personal or on my blog
Перевод - Нашол в сети клевый портал об ммо играх вот он http://mmorpg.com.ua/ в отличае от кучи других подобных - большое количество видеороликов, огромный каталог игр и база программ для онлайн игрушек. Вобщем не сочтите за спам ) если есть у вас что то интересное - пишиме в личку или в моем блоге
Sunday, August 28th, 2005
6:22 pm

Hey guys n gals ^_^

Wow, lucky first poster (well, after the mod... but hey!). I havent been playing iRO for that long, but I do love it. I have a Merch (=Merchant of Venice=), a Theif (Riamu) and a Mage (Ryamu... see what I did there?). Not quite up to WoE level yet, but hey, I play for fun.

If anyone wants to chat to me (Cos I'm mega interesting and stuff....) you can get in touch with me on vorpal_wraithblade@hotmail.com (MSN) or hotaru reiki (AIM).

Now, Go Crazy!

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1:42 am

Hello there. This is Ragnarok Online Pen Pals. Duh. If you're looking for penpals(via snail mail, email, or both) you can come here. All posts that include member's addresses will be Friends Only, so you have to join this community to see the majority of it's posts. Have a nice day.

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